Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP Payables Management (GP104)

[Estimated Time: 4 Hours] This Microsoft Dynamics GP Payable Management course examines the accounting cycle and the processes required to enter vendor invoices and process checks. This course also shows how to perform additional functions such as adjustments, prepayments, month-end closing, and cash flow control.
  • Welcome
  • Course Prerequisites
  • Course Outline
  • Module 1
  • Introduction to Payables Management
  • Setup and Overview Procedures
  • Overview and Setup Procedures (Text)
  • Module 2
  • Entering and Posting a Payable and Entering a Credit Memo
  • Issuing Payments
  • Intercompany
  • Voiding and Editing Payable Transactions
  • Daily Procedures (Text)
  • MODULE 3
  • Purchasing Inquiries and Purchasing Reports
  • Inquiries and Reports (Text)
  • TEST
  • Payables Management Test
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Payables Management New Features
  • Payables Management User Guide
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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever